We have a simple plan for the kitchen and eating out – Just Sides. For centuries, the side dishes were the main course. As society grew more affluent, our plates grew larger with even bigger piles. For millennia, getting enough to eat was the human evolutionary struggle, and now we’ve become a society of one meal that takes breaks to work and sleep.  We eat too much, too often, and too calorie dense. Our team wants to help change the world one plate at a time.

Just Sides isn’t your average food snob crowd. We are much worse.  It’s what you get when a dietitian, juggler, comedian, barista, scientist, and database engineer step into a kitchen. We approach the kitchen with reckless abandon and don’t care so much about following the rules.

We are endeavoring to curate the best side dish recipes the world has to offer. We then adapt them to minimize common food adulterants of excess refined sugars, oils, and salt.  We do this without sacrificing sweet, oily, or salty flavors by focusing on fresh ingredients that combine to create the perfect bite.

We want you to be part of this journey, so please consider submitting recipes you love to us as comments and our team will get to work.

And our plan for increasing health is simple. Add some delicious side dishes to your current menu and then after you’ve mastered them and found a dozen or so you love, drop the rest. It couldn’t be easier.  We discovered that most of these side dishes are the most incredible MAIN dish you’ve ever put in your mouth! And that got us thinking –  how can we make this easy for both the manic mom AND the college bachelor?  What if diet and health was as simple as cutting out the main dish?

So that is what this site is centered on. We’ll show you how to make the most amazing side dishes. No preachy message, no calorie counting, and it won’t take hours in the kitchen.  Many dishes will be the ones you ALREADY know and love with a simple new twist.


Chris Rafalski, Anthony Masiello, Michael Goudeau, Matt Donnelly, Julieanna Hever, Ray Cronise